Dr. Jeffery Gran, Psy. D., P.A.

Dr. Gran obtained his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, where he specialized in neuropsychology. He has practiced as a clinical neuropsychologist with adults in South Florida for more than 15 years. He is bilingual English-Spanish and consults to the Archdiocese of South Florida's Catholic Health Services rehabilitation hospital in Broward County. Dr.Gran has also served as a forensic expert for the Miami-Dade Courts since 2001, been a paneled Vocational Rehabilitation Examiner since 2001 and consulted to the West Palm Beach Veterans Administration Medical Center since 2013. 


Dr. David Ross, MD

Board Certified Neurologist • Medical Director
Dr. Ross graduated college from Johns Hopkins University. He attended medical school and completed his internship at the University of Miami. Dr. Ross studied Neurology at the Longwood Area Training Program at Harvard Medical School.  He then taught neurology and conducted research at the University of Miami for one year before entering private practice.  Dr. Ross has been treating South Floridians for almost thirty years. During that time, he developed a long-standing interest in treating painful conditions, brain injuries, and complex neurological problems. He was an invited consultant to the University of Louisville Veteran’s Administration Pain Center.  

In the past ten years, Dr. Ross invented and developed the Neurophysiologic Pain Profile (NP3)– an award winning protocol that objectively assesses the multiple brain and body components causing and maintaining pain complaints. His varied experiences led him to understand that patients with complex problems often need a comprehensive approach to their conditions and life altering consequences.

Dr. Ross believes “The good physician takes care of the disease, the great physician takes care of the person with the disease” [William Osler]. At CNBI, we strive  to be great healthcare providers.

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